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"The book isn't just that, though. It celebrates language, I hope. It's also for people who love the hidden meanings in words, the flukes of language. It's a bit sugar-coated to let people enjoy it, but I hope my mania comes across as well."

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In March 2005, Homicide issued a number of statements accusing Lopez of "betraying" him and announcing that he would not work for any company which hired Lopez in the future. [2] As a result, Lopez retired from professional wrestling. The titles, which he held at the time, were vacated although he kept both of the physical belts themselves. JAPW openly acknowledged the situation between Lopez and Homicide.

 · Shocking new video of Charlottesville carnage emerges showing moment Dodge Challenger plows into anti-fascist protestors at alt-right rally. WARNING ...

This is all very silly and inept, and not quite the Lord-of-the-Flies descent into carnage that was hinted at, but, judging by the teasers for the next episode, it gets bleaker when this society-building experiment inadvertently installs its own patriarchy. Castaway 2000 seems far, far away.

Cryptic Carnage - RozeloweCryptic Carnage - RozeloweCryptic Carnage - RozeloweCryptic Carnage - Rozelowe